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A simple and effective way to identify the wireless network connections in your direct area

A simple and effective way to identify the wireless network connections in your direct area

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Program license: Free

Program by: Makayama

Version: 1.0.5

Works under: Windows


Program license

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Mobile device users still using Windows 2000- and XP-supported systems will love the simplicity and automation of Easy WIFI Radar when looking for the nearest access point for Internet connectivity. Users who are experienced with Windows 2000 and XP's built-in wireless connection tool understand the hassle of not being able to quickly and conveniently connect to WiFi access points in their area. Fortunately for them, Easy WIFI Radar completely automates the process to make it as easy as one click of a button.

Starting the program prompts the wireless adapter of the device to search for wireless access points in its area. As each one is found, they're marked on the programs interface on a radar. Each one is processed by the program and tested for connectivity. If the connection is limited or password protected, Easy WIFI Radar will move to the next connection and test that one. If a reliable connection is found, Easy WIFI Radar automatically connects Windows 2000 or XP to that access point and opens the default Internet browser.

It's as simple as that. If a mobile user is at a coffee shop and wants to find a wireless access point while at the coffee counter, he or she can launch the program and be greeted by the browser when he or she returns. No hassle is encountered, and users can enjoy internet connectivity within seconds. The best part of Easy WIFI Radar? It's 100 percent free!

Easy WIFI Radar was last updated in 2010 by the developers at Makayama. Unfortunately, Easy WIFI Radar only supports Windows 2000 and XP devices, so modern devices won't be able to run the program without compatibility support, such as Windows 8's Windows XP Mode. It's also worth noting that Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft, so users may be wary of running outdated software on an outdated operating system. Other than these few disadvantages, Easy WIFI Radar is a powerful software tool for mobile users trying to quickly set up Internet connectivity in their area.


-Simple GUI

-Completely automated and even opens the default internet browser to get users started

-100 percent free


-Supports only Windows 2000 and XP

-Last updated in 2010

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